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Bani Maran

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Bani Maran
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Banimaran also written Bani Maran or BanyMaran(Kurdish: بانى ماران, or بانيماران) is a Kurdish village located to the west of Koya and to the east of Arbil, Northern Iraq, Kurdistan. Banimaran lies in close vicinity to five other villages: Shakhapeska to the east, Axwra to the west, Banaqallat to the north, and Baezaxa and Bardbir to the south.


The village's name derives from two words: Bani and Maran. Bani is a reference to the flat piece of land located to the south-east from the village, and Maran means "the homes."

The village has 36 homes, and as of 2014, it is more than a hundred years old.

The people of Banimaran are unique to the region; truthfulness is regarded as one of their most notable characteristics.

Among the most notable places to the south-east from the village are Sheikh Muhammad (Shemhammad), Qorkh, Shewasôr, BANI (which the village owes its name to), Shexwary, Qameshok, Shewabaqamish, Nashken and Qrran.

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