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Ball Park Franks

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Ball Park Franks is a brand of hot dogs made by Hillshire Brands.

It currently comes in the following varieties:

  • Original Meat Franks
  • Original Beef Franks
  • Bun Size Meat Franks
  • Bun Size Beef Franks
  • Turkey Franks
  • Angus Beef Franks
  • Slogan:

    1. "So American, you can taste it."
    2. "Big, Tasty, Ball Park Franks."
    3. "They plump when you cook 'em."


    A Livonia, Michigan meat-packing company called Hygrade Food Products won a competition in 1959 to be the exclusive supplier of hot dogs to the Detroit Tigers and Tiger Stadium. Hygrade Food Products launched a contest to its employees in order to come up with the best brand name for their Detroit Tigers stadium hot dogs. Mary Ann Kurk, one of Hygrade Food Products sales people at the time, won the contest with the name "Ball Park Franks". She won a leather living room chair and a cash prize of $25 (equivalent to $205 in 2016). It was from this venue that Ball Park Franks gained popularity and became known in American pop-culture. Sara Lee acquired Hygrades from Hanson Industries in 1989.


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