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Balanitis plasmacellularis

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eMedicine  article/1122283
Balanitis plasmacellularis

Balanitis plasmacellularis (also known as "Balanoposthitis chronica circumscripta plasmacellularis," "Balanitis circumscripta plasmacellularis," "Plasma cell balanitis," "Plasma cell vulvitis," "Vulvitis circumscripta plasmacellularis," "Zoon's balanitis," "Zoon's erythroplasia," and "Zoon's vulvitis") is a cutaneous condition characterized by a benign inflammatory skin lesion characterized histologically by a plasma cell infiltrate.

A similar condition has been described in women (i.e. "Zoon's vulvitis"), although its existence is controversial due to the possibility of diagnostic error in many of the cases that have been reported in the medical literature.

It is named for J.J. Zoon, who characterized it in 1952.


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