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Avogadoria de Comùn

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The Avogadori de Comùn, literally Municipal Attorney, was an institution of the Republic of Venice, whose members were called Avogadori The Municipality was responsible for taking care of and defend the Commune Veneciarum interests, meaning union of noble families to the Government of Venice, in a manner similar to that of a modern State Attorney.

The Avogadori could supervise the Camerlenghi's accounts, prosecute violations of naval laws reported by crew members, investigate allegations of corruption moves with the courts' judges or negligence of the officials, be present in the Supreme Court of the Forty's legal action in all identified cases in which damaged the interests of the municipality, that is, ultimately, the government of the oligarchy as a whole. Since 1400 the Doge himself could be taken to court for legal proceedings.

The main task of the Avogadori was primarily the protection of constitutional legality, watching carefully the strict compliance of laws by councils and the various organs of the Venetian state and the power to suspend the unconstitutional measures. They themselves could be prosecuted for negligence in doing their jobs, being mentioned in front of the Supreme Court of the Forty.


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