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Australian soccer league system

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Australian soccer league system

The Australian soccer league system is a structure of leagues for soccer clubs in Australia. The league system in Australia since 1977 has involved one top divisional league controlled by the national body and many leagues run within each state below. The National Soccer League stood from 1977–2004 as the top nationwide tier above the current state-based league systems, in 2005, the A-League was established as its successor. The introduction of the National Premier Leagues in 2013 introduced a direct second tier of football in Australia, underpinning the A-League. The National Premier Leagues incorporated the existing state leagues as divisions with a nationwide end of season finals series. In 2013, the National Premier Leagues rebranded 5 of the 9 top state leagues, and the remainder – with the exception of the Northern Territory – joined in 2014. There is no promotion and relegation to and from the top-tier A-League, and promotion and relegation at other levels varies between different state systems.

The National Youth League, which runs in conjunction with the A-League as a national youth developmental and reserve league, is not included in the table. The women's soccer league system in Australia is similar to that of the men's, with the W-League the top nationwide league and below that state-based leagues run by the FFA Member Federations.

  • Note (a): tiers below the National Premier League are not official or coordinated
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