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Augsburg Stadt (electoral district)

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Augsburg-Stadt (English: Augsburg City) is one of the 299 single member constituencies used for the German parliament, the Bundestag. One of forty five districts in Bavaria, it covers the city of Augsburg and the town of Königsbrunn.


The constituency was created for the 1949 election, the first election in West Germany after World War II. All elections in the district have been won by the Christian Social Union (CSU). The current representative is Volker Ullrich.


From the elections of 1949 to 1961, the constituency was known as Augsburg-Stadt. It was renamed Augsburg for the 1965 election, but reverted to its previous name at the 1976 election. Until the 1998 election it was coterminous with the city of Augsburg. Königsbrunn was added for the 1998 election.

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