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Aubrey Schenck

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movie producer

Aubrey Schenck

Film producer

August 26, 1908
New York

April 14, 1999, Murrieta, California, United States

George Schenck, Mary Schenck

Robinson Crusoe on Mars, Up Periscope, Shock, T‑Men, Port of New York

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Aubrey Schenck (August 26, 1908 – April 14, 1999) was a film producer from the 1940s through the 1970s.


He was the son of George Schenck, a Russian immigrant theatrical manager, and Mary Schenck, according to the 1910 US Census.

In the 1930s, Aubrey Schenck, a nephew of Joseph and Nicholas Schenck, had graduated from Boys High School (Brooklyn) and Cornell University and was a practicing attorney in New York City. He wrote a story and submitted it to 20th Century Fox, with whom he had business and legal connections, and they agreed to let him produce it. The film, Shock! (1946) starring Vincent Price, was a moderate success and launched Schenck's career as a movie producer.

Later he worked with Eagle-Lion Films and independent productions. When Eagle-Lion was merged into United Artists, Schenck started his own production company Bel-Air Productions producing a variety of action films as second features for UA. Other films made by Schenck include Robinson Crusoe on Mars (1964), Ambush Bay and Kill a Dragon. He also co-produced a 1961 syndicated television series, Miami Undercover, for Ziv-United Artists.


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