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Atlas languages

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Geographic distribution:  Atlas Mountains, Souss
Glottolog:  atla1275
Atlas languages
Linguistic classification:  Afro-Asiatic Berber Northern Berber Atlas languages
Subdivisions:  Shilha Central Moroccan Senhaja de Srair Ghomara

The Atlas languages, or more exactly Moroccan Atlas, are a subgroup of the Northern Berber languages spoken in the Atlas Mountains of Morocco. By mutual intelligibility, they are a single language spoken by perhaps 14 million people; however, they are distinct sociolinguistically and are considered separate languages by the Royal institute of the Amazigh culture. They are,

  • Central Moroccan Tamazight (Central Atlas Berber)
  • Shilha (Tashelhiyt; also rendered Tachelhit, Tasusit; includes Judeo-Berber and perhaps the extinct Lisan al-Gharbi)
  • Senhaja de Srair in the southern part of the Rif
  • Ghomara in the western part of the Rif
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