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Assembly of the Representatives of the People

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Type  Unicameral parliament
Assembly of the Representatives of the People
Preceded by  Constituent Assembly of Tunisia
New session started  December 2, 2014 (2014-12-02)
President  Mohamed Ennaceur, Nidaa Tounes Since 4 December 2014
First Vice-president  Abdelfattah Mourou, Ennahda Since 4 December 2014
Second Vice-president  Faouzia Ben Fodha, UPL Since 4 December 2014

The Assembly of the Representatives of the People (Arabic: مجلس نواب الشعب‎‎ Majlis Nawwāb ash-Sha‘b, French: Assemblée des représentants du peuple; ARP) is Tunisia's legislative branch of government. The unicameral Assembly replaced the Constituent Assembly and was elected on 26 October 2014. The legislature consists of 217 seats. Before the 2011 revolution, Tunisia's parliament was formerly bicameral and consisted of an upper chamber called the Chamber of Advisors and a lower chamber called the Chamber of Deputies. Notably, 68 of the chamber's members are women--the highest proportion of female representatives in the Arab world.

Its first chair is Mohamed Ennaceur, deputy leader of Nidaa Tounes.


The first elections to the assembly were held on 26 October 2014, Nidaa Tounes gained a plurality of votes, winning 85 seats in the 217-seat parliament, beating the Ennahda Movement (69 seats) and many smaller parties. The next election is scheduled to happen in or before October 2019.


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