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Kingdom  Plantae
Clade  Eudicots
Order  Gentianales
Scientific name  Asperula
Rank  Genus
Clade  Angiosperms
Clade  Asterids
Family  Rubiaceae
Higher classification  Rubiaceae
Asperula httpsuploadwikimediaorgwikipediacommons66
Lower classifications  Asperula cynanchica, Asperula orientalis, Asperula tinctoria, Asperula gunnii

Medicinal minute antelope horns or inmortal asclepias asperula

Asperula, commonly known as woodruff, is a genus of flowering plants in the Rubiaceae family. It contains about 195 species and has a wide distribution area from Europe, northern Africa, temperate and subtropicale Asia to Australasia.


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Obm garden plant asperula woodruff

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Asperula Wikipedia

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