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Asparagine synthase (glutamine hydrolysing)

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CAS number  37318-72-2
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Asparagine synthase (glutamine-hydrolysing)

Asparagine synthase (glutamine-hydrolysing) (EC, asparagine synthetase (glutamine-hydrolysing), glutamine-dependent asparagine synthetase, asparagine synthetase B, AS, AS-B) is an enzyme with systematic name L-aspartate:L-glutamine amido-ligase (AMP-forming). This enzyme catalyses the following chemical reaction

ATP + L-aspartate + L-glutamine + H2O AMP + diphosphate + L-asparagine + L-glutamate (overall reaction) (1a) L-glutamine + H2O L-glutamate + NH3 (1b) ATP + L-aspartate + NH3 AMP + diphosphate + L-asparagine

The enzyme from Escherichia coli has two active sites6].


Asparagine synthase (glutamine-hydrolysing) Wikipedia

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