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Aslak Bolt's cadastre

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Originally published  1997
Aslak Bolt's cadastre
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Aslak Bolt's cadastre (Norwegian: Aslak Bolts jordebog; written 1432–1433) is a Norwegian cadastre, a detailed register of properties and incomes of the Archdiocese of Nidaros. The document is originally written by archbishop Aslak Bolt, probably in 1432 and 1433, with later supplements and corrections. The properties of the archdiocese included several thousand farms. The cadastre has registered about 2,600 units. The cadastre is regarded as an important primary historical source, both for historical economic research, and for research of place names. The document is written on pergament and is deposited at the National Archives of Norway. It was published by Peter Andreas Munch in 1852. It was later published in 1997.


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