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Country of origin  Ukraine
Height  Female: 69 cm (27 in)
Use  Wool
Wool color  White
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Other names  Асканійський, Askaniysky, Асканійська тонкорунна вівця
Weight  Male: 115 kg (250 lb) Female: 61 kg (130 lb)
Similar  Rambouillet sheep, Romanov sheep, Romney sheep, Lincoln sheep, Hampshire sheep

Askanian (Ukrainian: Асканійський, Askaniysky, full name: Асканійська тонкорунна вівця) is a breed of domesticated sheep found in Ukraine. It is a fine-wool breed bred for its wool. It was developed by crossing American Rambouillet with Merinos in the early 1900s.


Both sexes display white and are unicolored. Rams are horned and ewes can be either horned or polled (hornless). On average and at maturity, rams weigh 115 kg (250 lb). Ewes weigh 61 kg (130 lb), grow to 69 cm (27 in) at the withers when mature and have approximately 1.27 lambs per litter. In 1980, there were over 1.6 million.


Askanian Wikipedia

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