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Asiru Phat'jata

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Location  Peru, Puno Region
Elevation  3,895 m
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Asiru Phat'jata (Aymara asiru snake, phat'jaƱa to split in half, -ta a suffix to indicate the participle, "split snake") is a hill in Peru, situated at a height of about 3,895 metres (12,779 ft). It is located in the Puno Region, Yunguyo Province, Yunguyo District. Asiru Phat'jata lies near Lake Titicaca at the road which connects Yunguyo and Puno, south of the village Asiru Phat'jata (Acero Patjata) and north of the mountain Qhapiya.

Map of Asiru Phat'jata, Peru

On the hill there is an archaeological area. It was declared a National Cultural Heritage (Patrimonio Cultural) of Peru by the National Institute of Culture.


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