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Ascending lumbar vein

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Drains from  Lateral sacral veins
FMA  12858
Ascending lumbar vein
Drains to  Azygos vein and hemiazygos vein
Latin  Vena lumbalis ascendens
TA  A12.3.07.011 A12.3.09.004

The ascending lumbar vein is a vein that runs up through the lumbar region on the side of the vertebral column.


The ascending lumbar vein is a paired structure (i.e. one each for the right and left sides of the body). It starts at the lateral sacral veins, and it runs superiorly, intersecting with the lumbar veins as it crosses them.

When the ascending lumbar vein crosses the subcostal vein, it becomes one of the following:

  • the azygos vein (in the case of the right ascending lumbar vein)
  • the hemiazygos vein (in the case of the left ascending lumbar vein)
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