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As It Happened (novel)

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Country  United Kingdom
Publication date  2002
Originally published  2002
Page count  419
Publisher  Jonathan Cape
Language  English
Pages  419
Author  David Storey
ISBN  9780224062749
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As It Happened is a 2002 novel by the English writer David Storey. It tells the story of an art professor who attends group therapy sessions.


The Observer's Adam Mars-Jones criticised the book's punctuation, loose grammar and unstructured sentences, writing that "no book as unreadable as As It Happened would be published without surgery if it came from an unknown writer - unless all the reading is now done by machines, like so much of the proofreading." D. J. Taylor of The Independent described the prose as "just on the right side of intelligibility", and wrote: "Fascinating in some of its incidentals, never free of the sensation of a sharp intelligence at work, As it happened offers in the end only the spectacle of a highly distinguished veteran author enjoying a conversation with that receptive but debilitating audience: himself."


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