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Arrochar (Staten Island Railway station)

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Line  South Beach Branch
Tracks  2
Borough  Staten Island
Platforms in use  2
Services  none
Opened  8 March 1886
Locale  Arrochar
Arrochar (Staten Island Railway station)
Closed  March 31, 1953; 63 years ago (1953-03-31)
Similar  West New Brighton, Sailors' Snug Harbor, Elm Park, Port Richmond, Tower Hill

Arrochar was a station on the demolished South Beach Branch of the Staten Island Railway. It had two side platforms and two tracks and was located at Major Avenue. The station was able to platform two train cars.


This station was abandoned when the SIRT discontinued passenger service on the South Beach Branch to Wentworth Avenue at midnight on March 31, 1953 because of city-operated bus competition. The station was fully demolished when the toll plaza of the Verrazano Narrows Bridge was built near the same location. Only one staircase that led to the station remained by 1963, as the rest of the station was covered by displaced dirt coming from the construction of the approach to the Verrazano Bridge. The location where McClean Avenue used to bridge over the right-of-way, which was built in 1936, has been filled in some time after 1964 for the construction of houses along the right-of-way, and the bridge can still be detected by the cement in the middle of McClean Avenue.


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