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Arnold (surname)

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Arnold is a German and English surname. Notable people with the surname include:

  • Alice Arnold (born 1962), British broadcaster and journalist
  • Ann Arnold (1936–2015), English artist
  • Brad Arnold (born 1978), 3 Doors Down singer
  • Benedict Arnold (disambiguation), several people
  • Cecile Arnold (1891 or 1895–1931), American silent film actress
  • Clinton E. Arnold (born 1958), American New Testament scholar and former president of the Evangelical Theological Society
  • Cornelius Arnold (1711–after 1757), American poetical writer
  • David Arnold (disambiguation), several people
  • Delia Arnold (born 1986), Malaysian squash player
  • Dominique Arnold (born 1973), American hurdling athlete
  • Dorothy Arnold (1917–1984), American film actress
  • Douglas N. Arnold, American mathematician
  • Đuro Arnold (1853–1941), Croatian writer and philosopher
  • Eberhard Arnold (1883–1935), German writer, philosopher, and theologian
  • Eddy Arnold (1918–2008), American country music singer
  • Eduardo Arnold (born 1947), Argentine politician
  • Edward Arnold (disambiguation), several people
  • Sir Edwin Arnold (1832–1904), English poet and journalist
  • Edwin Lester Arnold (1857–1935), English author
  • Florence Arnold, English singer, songwriter and drummer best known as Florrie
  • Frank Arnold (disambiguation), several people
  • Franz Arnold (1878-1960), Germany comedy writer
  • Friedrich Arnold (1803–1890), German anatomist
  • Geoff Arnold (born 1944), English cricketer
  • Georg Arnold-Graboné (1896–1982), German painter and art teacher
  • Godfrey Edward Arnold (1914–1989), Austrian American professor of medicine
  • Graham Arnold (born 1963), Australian association football player and manager
  • Helen Arnold, silent film actress
  • Henry H. Arnold (1886–1950), American aviation pioneer and commanding general
  • Horace Lucian Arnold (died 1915), early American writer on management
  • Ian Arnold (born 1972), English former association football player
  • Isaac N. Arnold (1815–1884), congressman during American Civil War; biographer of Abraham Lincoln
  • James Arnold (disambiguation), several people
  • Jamie Arnold (disambiguation), several people
  • Jay Arnold (American football) (born 1912), American football player for Philadelphia Eagles and Pittsburgh Steelers
  • Jay Arnold (filmmaker), American film director, producer, screenwriter
  • Jennette Arnold, Montserrat-born British politician and member of the Greater London Assembly
  • Jim Arnold (disambiguation), several people
  • Joanne Arnold (born 1931), American actress and model
  • Joe Arnold (born 1947), American baseball coach
  • John Arnold (disambiguation), several people
  • Jonathan Arnold (1741–1793), American physician and statesman
  • Lenna Arnold (1920–2010), All-American Girls Professional Baseball League player
  • Lucas Arnold Ker (born 1974), Argentine professional tennis player
  • Luke Arnold (born 1984), Australian actor
  • Malcolm Arnold (1921–2006), English composer and symphonist
  • Marc Arnold (born 1970), South African former association football player
  • Martin Arnold (born 1959), Austrian film director
  • Martin Arnold (journalist) (1929–2013), American journalist
  • Matthew Arnold (1822–1888), English poet and cultural critic
  • Monica (entertainer) (Monica Denise Arnold) (born 1980), American singer
  • Nathan Arnold (born 1987), English footballer
  • Nicholas Arnold (disambiguation), several people
  • Nick Arnold (writer), British writer
  • Nick Arnold (footballer) (born 1993), English footballer
  • Norbert P. Arnold (1920-2014), American politician and invenot
  • P. P. Arnold, American soul singer
  • Patricio Arnold (born 1971), Argentine former professional tennis player
  • Richard Arnold (disambiguation), several people
  • Robert Arnold (disambiguation), several people
  • Russ Arnold, American bridge player
  • Russel Arnold (born 1973), Sri Lankan cricketer
  • Samuel Arnold (disambiguation), several people
  • Tom Arnold (disambiguation), several people
  • Thomas Arnold (disambiguation), several people
  • Victor Arnold (disambiguation), several people
  • Vladimir Arnold (1937–2010), Russian mathematician
  • Werner Arnold (born 1931), German weightlifter
  • William Arnold (disambiguation), several people
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