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Arno (name)

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Arno is both a surname and a given name. Notable people with the name include:


  • Madame Arno, Parisian artist and fighter
  • Peter Arno, American cartoonist
  • Given name:

  • Arno Breker, German sculptor
  • Arno Babajanian (1921–1983), Soviet Armenian composer and pianist
  • Arno Carstens, South African singer-songwriter
  • Arno (singer), stage name of Belgian singer Arno Hintjens
  • Arno Pijpers (born 1959), Dutch football coach
  • Arno Saarinen (1884–1970), Finnish gymnast
  • Arno of Salzburg (c.750–821), archbishop of Salzburg
  • Arno Schmidt (1914–1979), German writer
  • Arno Suislep (born 1981), Estonian singer
  • Arno Suurorg (1903-1960), Estonian actor
  • Arno Allan Penzias (born 1933), American physicist
  • Pen name

  • Arno, pseudonym for French comics artist Arnaud Dombre
  • Fictional characters:

  • Arno Brandner, fictional character on German soap opera Verbotene Liebe (Forbidden Love)
  • Arno (fictional character), by André Juillard and Jacques Martin
  • Arno Dorian, a French-Austrian Assassin and the protagonist of Assassin's Creed Unity.
  • References

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