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Arne Wik Kristiansen

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Name  Arne Kristiansen

Role  Scientist

Arne Wik Kristiansen (born 26 April 1931 in Bergen) is a Norwegian scientist situated in Langhus outside Oslo. He has a BA in French, Sociology and History. Kristiansen says that epistemology was his way to science. This was a theme in which his teachers of philosophy took no interest. Inconsistencies, like the double nature of light, and paradoxa ascribed to physics itself, not to the way it is described, aroused his interest in physics, which, he says, can be seen as the interaction between the forces inherent in matter, not as a sum of phenomena only. Arne Wik Kristiansen worked as a teacher and a civil servant before his early retirement caused by a worsening migraine, which forbade all intellectual activity. Accidentally, he heard Dr. Kalle Reichelt mention the connection between impaired mental activity and food derived from grain. This made Kristiansen abstain from such food. To his great astonishment, the migraine was gone within six months. Some years passed in his search for the metabolic and physiological mechanisms involved. The outcome was "Peptider i blodet" (Peptides in the blood) in 1998, which describes the biophysical connections between those mechanisms and a series of illnesses without any known cause. In 1990 Arne Wik Kristiansen applied for a Norwegian patent for the hydrodynamic propulsion of ships, i.e. exploiting the same effect as that taking place at the upper side of an aeroplane wing. The application was refused in 2008. Derived applications for patents were accepted in a dozen other countries. In his recent years Arne Wik Kristiansen has looked into the physics of e.g. gravity, light, and climate, cf. the homepage [1]. Kristiansen underlines the importance of finding the functions between the physical variables, not contenting himself with the appearances, or phenomena.


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