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Arnaud (given name)

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Gender  masculine
See also  Arnold
Language(s)  German

Arnaud or Arnauld (formerly Arnoul) is the French form of the German given name Arnold.

List of people called Arnaud

  • Arnaud-Michel d'Abbadie (1815–1893), a French geographer
  • Arnaud Amalric (died 1225), a Cistercian monk involved with the Inquisition
  • Arnaud Amanieu, Lord of Albret (1338–1401), a French nobleman and Lord of Albret
  • Arnaud Anastassowa (born 1988), a French-Bulgarian footballer
  • Arnaud Assoumani (born 1985), a French long jumper
  • Arnaud Aubert (died 1371), a French archbishop
  • Arnaud Baille/Sicre (c. 1250–c. 1350), a French cobbler and informer for the Inquisition
  • Arnaud Balijon (born 1983), a French football player
  • Arnaud Berquin (1747–1791), a French author
  • Arnaud Bertheux (born 1977), a French football player
  • Arnaud Blin (born 1963), a French historian and political scientist
  • Arnaud Boetsch (born 1969), a French tennis player
  • Arnaud Boiteau (born 1973), a French equestrian
  • Arnaud Brocard (born 1986), a French football player
  • Arnaud Bühler (born 1985), a Swiss football player
  • Arnaud Cartwright Marts (1888–1970), a president of Bucknell University
  • Arnaud Casquette (born 1978), a Mauritian long jumper
  • Arnaud Chaffanjon, a French genealogist
  • Arnaud Clément (born 1977), a French professional tennis player
  • Arnaud Costes (born 1973), a French rugby player
  • Arnaud Denjoy (1884–1974), a French mathematician
  • Arnaud Desjardins (born 1925), a French author and producer
  • Arnaud Desplechin (born 1960), a French film director
  • Arnaud Dos Santos (born 1945), a French former footballer and coach
  • Arnaud Di Pasquale (born 1979), a French former tennis player
  • Arnaud Gérard (born 1984), a French road bicycle racer
  • Arnaud Geyre (born 1935), a French former racing cyclist
  • Arnaud Hybois (born 1982), a French sprint canoer
  • Arnaud II de La Porte (1737–1792), a French statesman and government minister
  • Arnaud I de La Porte (1706–1770), a French statesman
  • Arnaud Kouyo (born 1984), an Ivoirian football player
  • Arnaud Labbe (born 1976), a French racing cyclist
  • Arnaud Lagardère (born 1961), the CEO of Lagardère Group
  • Arnaud Larrieu (born 1966), a French film director and writer
  • Arnaud Le Lan (born 1978), a French football player
  • Arnaud Lebrun (born 1973), a French football player
  • Arnaud Lescure (born 1986), a French football player
  • Arnaud Lisembart (born 1984), a French football player
  • Arnaud Maggs (born 1926), a Canadian artist and photographer
  • Arnaud Maire (born 1979), a French football player
  • Arnaud Malherbe (born 1972), a South African sprinter
  • Arnaud Margueritte (born 1973), a French football player
  • Arnaud Massy (1877–1950), a French professional golfer
  • Arnaud Tsamere (born 1975), a French comedian, actor and television presenter
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