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Armorica (game)

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Designer(s)  Eric Vogel
Players  2 to 4
Setup time  1–3 minutes
Publisher(s)  Vainglorious Games
Age range  12 and up
Playing time  30 minutes

Armorica is a card game designed by Eric Vogel, and published in June 2010 by Vainglorious Games in English. Players in Armorica are administrators in the ancient land of Armorica who are trying to convince wealthy Romans to support them and give them prestige.


There are two decks of cards, the Gauls and the Romans. Some of the deck is flipped up for people to choose from.

Every player starts with a card and then play proceeds clockwise with players taking a gual card and placing it in front of them. Players compete for special Roman cards. The goal is to build sets of diverse colors. The larger your sets, the more prestige you get.

Play ends when the either of the decks are exhausted.


Armorica (game) Wikipedia

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