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Armitage III: Dual Matrix

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Genre  Action, Cyberpunk, Science fiction, Mecha, Romance
Music director  Hiroyuki Namba
7.1/10 IMDb

Director  Hiroyuki Ochi
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Release date  1997
Writer  Akinori Endo, Chiaki Konaka
Directors  Takuya Sato, Satoshi Saga, Hiroyuki Ochi, Yukio Okamoto
Screenplay  Chiaki J. Konaka, Akinori Endo
Cast  Kiefer Sutherland (Ross Sylibus), Elizabeth Berkley (Naomi Armitage), Bryan Cranston (Eddie Barrows), Hiroko Kasahara (Naomi Armitage), Yasunori Masutani (Ross Sylibus)
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Armitage III: Dual-Matrix () is a 2002 cyberpunk anime film. It is a direct sequel to the 1995 Armitage III OVA. Set some years after the original plot, the film follows an android named Naomi Armitage as she investigates a military attack on robotics plant on Earth.

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Naomi Armitage and Ross Sylibus have changed their names and live with their daughter Yoko as a happy and normal family on Mars — until an android riot breaks out at an anti-matter plant on Earth.


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It had been several years since the events of the previous OVA. Naomi Armitage and Ross Sylibus, now living under assumed identities, are living in St. Lowell on Mars, along with their daughter Yoko. Ross now works for a company seeking to restore oceans to Mars by using ice asteroids. However, a new effort to restore the Third project prompts Naomi to travel to Earth to figure out what is happening. Meanwhile, Ross saves a facility from a group of terrorists and is declared a Martian hero.

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When Armitage arrives on Earth, she confronts Colonel Strings, hero of the First Error, which was a suppression of a robot uprising, which in reality, was to cover up the existence of the Thirds. But then he is shot by agents of an Earth Robotronics Corporation. Its vice president, Demetrio Mardini, asks Armitage to give the data on how Thirds can conceive so humanity can create a race of beings who exist to serve. She refuses so he resorts to force and unleashes a robot that scrambles her eyes. She manages to use her telepresence abilities to hack into its system and overload it. She then escapes but is damaged and is found by a repairer third named Mouse, who prides himself on his skill and frequently brags that hes a "genius". However, Mouse is also an informant to Demetrio and presents the data he found on Armitage; but he only got the recent data and Demetrio wants the conception data. Mouse claims that he did not know about the conception data, and also that if it existed it would be with what he gave him; but Demetrio refuses to believe either of these and tries to brutally force it with two clones of Armitage, who severely injure Mouse. He does not get anything and throws Mouse in the trash. Mouse swears revenge.

Armitage III: Dual-Matrix movie scenes I ll start with the good news The animation in Dual Matrix 2002 a film made seven years after its preceding OVA Armitage III 1995 looks amazing

Back on Mars, prime minister Fredrick OHara sends Ross to Earth to represent the planet in the support of robot rights, promising amnesty from the charges against them. However, Demetrios agents captured Yoko while Ross was away from the hotel, and is threatened that he will not see Yoko again if he votes for the Rights Bill,. With a little reluctance, Ross remains neutral on the bill. Demetrios agents, however, reveal that they were planning on killing Ross from the start, contrary to their deal. After a car chase, Armitage is able to save him at the very last moment. Together, they vow to rescue their daughter.

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They storm Demetrios compound; Armitage deals with Demetrio while Ross saves Yoko. The same robot Armitage encountered earlier had been upgraded to withstand her telepresence attack. Meanwhile, Ross manages to locate Yoko in a freezer. Elsewhere, Demetrio demands the secret in exchange for forgetting the damages they committed against him and his company. Armitage lures him closer, presumably to tell him what he wants to know; but she ends up kicking him in the crotch and telling him that Third conception is not simply data, it is about true love. With that she escapes again, forcing Demetrio to unleash the clones on her. She manages to evade the two and meets up with Ross and Yoko. Yoko is overjoyed to see her mother but recoils when she sees Armitages metal shoulder that was scraped off by the clones. Just then, they attack. While Armitage holds them off, Ross and Yoko make their way to an unused space elevator. It is here that Yoko shows that she has a photographic memory, leading them to the space elevator whose location she determined from a map she saw minutes beforehand (Ross comments that she is "quite the little genius"). Soon, Armitage flees to Mouse, who repairs the damage and gives her a program that will allow her to go beyond her limited fighting abilities. He tells her that the password is "Heavens Door"; but that if she exceeds more than her internal battery can handle, she will "be knocking at the Pearly Gates for real". She also has him do her one more favor: broadcast the footage of the Third massacre attempts all over Earth and Mars (upon seeing it himself, Mouse comments, "I think its inhuman, and Im a robot!"). This compels Demetrio to command the clones to prevent the family from leaving. After both clones are beaten, Demetrio tries having the elevators defenses fired on their shuttle only to be killed by the last remaining clone, who is at the time controlled by what was left of Julian Moore in Poly-Matrix. Without Demetrios authorization, the turrets do nothing. A hologram of Julian Moore then appears, wishing the family goodbye. The movie ends with the family enjoying a day at the beach on Mars, on Naomis birthday.

In a post-credits scene, Mouse salvages one of the Armitage clones for himself. It is then unknown what happens next in the Armitage series.


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