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Armenian Revolutionary Army

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The Armenian Revolutionary Army (ARA) was an Armenian militant organization that attacked at least 7 times resulting in at least 6 fatalities and 8 injuries. The group took responsibility for an attack on Turkish embassy in Lisbon and the attack on the Turkish Embassy in Ottawa.

Armenian Revolutionary Army is thought to be the continuation of the organization "Justice Commandos against Armenian Genocide" (JCAG) under a different name. As JCAG stopped taking responsibility in communiques from 1983 on, it was the Armenian Revolutionary Army that carried on with the military activities.

The first attack claimed by the ARA had taken place in 1970, when a library in Lisbon, Portugal was bombed. However, the next act of ARA violence did not take place until 1983, when a Turkish Embassy attache Dursun Aksoy was gunned down in Brussels, causing some to question whether the 1970 bombing was perpetrated by a completely different Armenian Revolutionary Army.

ARA's last attack occurred in 1985.


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