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Aristoxenus (physician)

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Aristoxenus (Gr. Ἀριστόξενος) was a Greek physician of Asia Minor who was quoted by Caelius Aurelianus. He was a pupil of Alexander Philalethes and contemporary of Demosthenes Philalethes, and must therefore have lived around the 1st century. He was a follower of the teachings of Herophilos, and studied at the celebrated Herophilean school at the village of Men-Carus, between Laodicea and Carura. He wrote a work Περὶ τῆς Ἡροφίλου Αἱρέσεως (On the Herophilean Sect, Latin: De Herophili Secta), of which the thirteenth book is quoted by Galen, but which is no longer extant.


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