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Ariel (Russian band)

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Active from  1970
Genres  World, Pop
Albums  Doroga Dlinnoy V 35 ...

Members  Valery Yarushin, Yevgeni Smetannikov, Oleg Sterkhov
Record labels  Melodiya, Ariel Partnership
Similar  Golubye Gitary, Poyushchiye Serdtsa, Zdravstvuy - Pesnya, Dobry Molodtsy, Araks

Ariel (Ариэль) are a "VIA" (pop/rock) band based in Chelyabinsk, Russia. They were formed in 1970 and headed by Valery Yarushin. From 1989 to the present day, they have been headed by Rostislav Gepp. The group emerged from a fusion of two earlier (1960s) ensembles, called Ariel and Allegro. Yarushin, who had been in charge of Allegro, became the manager of the new group. The band was popular during the Soviet era and won several awards. Their performances often made use of material of Russian folk music.


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