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Arduino (name)

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Arduino is an Italian masculine name, with variants including Ardovino, Ardoino, Ardolino, Arduilio, Arduo and the feminine Arduina. It derives from the Germanic Hrduwin or Hardwin and has been found in Italy in the forms Ardovinus, Ardoinus and Arduinus. In English it is often rendered as Arduin.


People with the given name Arduino

  • Arduino Berlam (1880–1946), Italian architect
  • Arduino Cantafora (born 1945), Italian architect and painter
  • Arduino della Padule, eleventh-century military tutor of Matilda of Tuscany.
  • Arduino d’Ivrea (955–1015), also known as Arduin of Italy, Margrave of Ivrea and self-proclaimed King of Italy
  • Arduino il Glabro, or Arduino Glabrione, (died 977), Margrave of Turin
  • Arduino di Melfi, or Arduin the Lombard, an eleventh-century Greek-speaking Lombard nobleman
  • People with the surname Arduino

  • Giovanni Arduino (geologist) (1714–1795), known as the “father of Italian Geology”; Dorsum Arduino, a wrinkle ridge on the Moon, is named after him
  • Pietro Arduino (botanist) (1728–1805), brother of the geologist Giovanni Arduino
  • Giovanni Arduino (author) (born 1966), Italian writer
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