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Arctic Research Foundation

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The Arctic Research Foundation (ARF) is a Canadian private charitable foundation established in 2011.


The ARF took part in the search which led to the discovery of Hecla-class bomb vessel HMS Erebus in September 2014.

In September 2016, the ARF announced the discovery of the wreck of the Royal Navy's long-lost HMS Terror off the south-west coast of King William Island in Terror Bay, which was abandoned in 1848 during Sir John Franklin's ill-fated voyage through the Northwest Passage. ARF spokesperson, Adrian Schimnowski, said the wreck was found in nearly pristine condition in about 80 feet (13.3 fathoms; 24.4 m) of water, with most windowpanes still intact.

The Royal Canadian Navy assisted ARF members in finding the wreck of HMS Terror, with ARF founder Jim Balsillie thanking the Navy for its efforts saying, “This historic discovery could not have happened without the Royal Canadian Navy”.


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