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Archie Hallam

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Duration  2007-09
Introduced by  Peter Eryl Lloyd
Occupation  Nurse
Last appearance  27 April 2009
First appearance  21 August 2007
Classification  Former; regular
Portrayed by  Matt Kennard
Similar  Elaine Cassidy, Lily Hassan, Imogen Hollins, Cherry Clay, Jack Hollins

Archie Hallam is a fictional character from the soap opera, Doctors. He was played by Matt Kennard and made his first appearance on 21 August 2007. His last appearance was on the 27 April 2009.


Archie first arrived at The Mill Health Centre in August. He was a good friend of Michelle Corrigan and she helped Archie get his job at The Mill. In January 2008 he started dating the female doctor Melody Bell but split up with her after he told the police about her brother dealing drugs from her apartment. He disliked Daniel Granger as he saw him as a show off and was worried about losing Melody to him. Melody slept with Daniel but she soon caught him with another woman and so ended their relationship.

In 2009, Archie found out information of the Trelawney Wells Drug Trials along with his girlfriend Kirsten. It was Kirsten's idea, and she was caught, and, although Archie was suspended from The Mill by Julia Parsons, Archie didn't get into any more trouble. In April 2009, Archie went to see Ruth Pearce to tell her he was leaving The Mill and going abroad. Michelle was mad at him for turning up late but Archie was more mad at Michelle for not supporting Ruth. Archie resigned due to Michelle's behavior and after a day at The Mill Archie left quietly while they were working. Michelle cried after he had gone.


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