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Archambault (surname)

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Archambault is a surname. Notable people with the name include:

  • Alexandre Archambault (1829–1879), lawyer and political figure in Canada East
  • Charles Archambault (fl. 1812–1838), surveyor and political figure in Lower Canada
  • François-Xavier Archambault (1841–1893), lawyer and political figure in Quebec
  • George F. Archambault (1909–2001), pharmacy liaison officer for the United States Public Health Service
  • Gilles Archambault (born 1933), Canadian novelist
  • Gilles Archambault (Canadian football) (born 1934), Canadian football player
  • Jacques Archambault (c. 1604–1688), French colonist in Montreal
  • Jacques Archambault (politician) (1765–1851), farmer and political figure in Lower Canada
  • Jean Archambault (1780–c. 1831), farmer and political figure in Lower Canada
  • Jean-Jacques Archambault (died 2001), Canadian engineer
  • JoAllyn Archambault (born 1942), American cultural anthropologist
  • John Archambault, American children's book author
  • Joseph Archambault (1879–1964), Canadian politician and lawyer
  • Joseph-Éloi Archambault (1861–1916), Canadian politician
  • Larry Archambault (born 1919), Canadian ice hockey player
  • Lee Archambault (born 1960), American astronaut
  • Louis Archambault (1915–2003), Quebec sculptor
  • Louise Archambault, Canadian film director and screenwriter
  • Maurice Archambault (1914–2002), Canadian lawyer and judge
  • Michel Archambault (born 1950), Canadian ice hockey left wing
  • Nico Archambault (born 1984), Canadian dancer and choreographer
  • Pierre Archambault, judge on the Tax Court of Canada
  • Pierre-Urgel Archambault (1812–1871), Quebec businessman and political figure
  • Stephen Archambault, American politician from Rhode Island
  • Théophile Archambault (1806–1863), French psychiatrist
  • Timothy Archambault (born 1971), American Native American flutist, architect, and composer
  • Yves Archambault (born 1952), Canadian ice hockey goaltender
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