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Arch Hill (New Zealand electorate)

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Arch Hill was a New Zealand electorate. It was located in Auckland city, existed from 1946 to 1954, and was represented by two members of the Labour Party.


Population centres

The 1941 census had been postponed due to World War II, so the 1946 electoral redistribution had to take ten years of population growth and movements into account. The North Island gained a further two electorates from the South Island due to faster population growth. The abolition of the country quota through the Electoral Amendment Act, 1945 reduced the number and increased the size of rural electorates. None of the existing electorates remained unchanged, 27 electorates were abolished, eight former electorates were re-established, and 19 electorates were created for the first time, including Arch Hill. The Arch Hill electorate was formed out of portions of Auckland Central, Auckland West, and Grey Lynn electorates. It was centred on the suburb of Arch Hill, and included parts of Grey Lynn, Eden Terrace, Newton, and southern Ponsonby.

The Arch Hill electorate was abolished through the 1952 electoral redistribution, when it was absorbed into the neighbouring electorates of Auckland Central, Ponsonby, and Eden. These changes came into effect through the 1954 election.


The first representative was Bill Parry, who had become prominent through his involvement in the 1912 Waihi miners' strike and his resulting imprisonment, and who had previously represented Auckland Central since the 1919 election. Parry retired at the end of the parliamentary term in 1951, and died a year later on 27 November 1952.

Parry was succeeded through the 1951 election by John Stewart. When the Arch Hill electorate was abolished in 1954, Stewart contested the Eden electorate, but was beaten by National's Duncan Rae.

Members of Parliament




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