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Arc Flashlight

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Founded  2001
Arc Flashlight httpswwwbackintheusausproduct2imagesARCFLAS

Arc Flashlight LLC was an American manufacturer that produced innovative LED flashlights. Arc Flashlight LLC began operation May 2001, and went out of business September 22, 2004. The founder and designer of Arc, Peter Gransee, started a new company (MTD LLC) in December 2004 which continues the Arc brand and design.[1] Arc flashlight is officially out of business...again as of May 2016.

Arc has historical significance since several innovative models were the inspiration for flashlights later produced by other companies. These products included the first LED flashlight powered by a single AAA battery, the first temperature-compensated LED flashlight, and the first microprocessor controlled Luxeon Star flashlight. Possibly the most significant innovation was the first flashlight using the high power Luxeon Star LED, the Arc LS—the first solid-state LED flashlight to produce output comparable to incandescent bulb designs. The name "Arc" came from intense white light some LEDs produce, looking similar to the color of an electric arc welder.

Typical models included the Arc-AAA, powered by a single AAA battery, and the Arc6 microprocessor controlled flashlight using a single CR123 battery. Arc6 uses Seoul ZPower SSC P4 LED as its illumination source.


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