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Axel Danielsson

Political alignment
Social democrat

Ceased publication
30 September 2000

6 August 1887



Arbetet (meaning The Labour in English) was a Swedish-language social democrat newspaper published in Malmö, Sweden, between 1887 and 2000.

History and profile

Arbetet was first published in Malmö on 6 August 1887. Axel Danielsson was the founder and served as the editor-in-chief between 1887 and 1889. The paper had a social democrat leaning and had an official affiliation with the Social Democratic Party.

The target audience of Arbetet was not only Malmö workers but also economically subordinate middle-class. Bengt Lidforss was among the contributors of Arbetet. He published articles about natural sciences and political, philosophical and literary issues.

Frans Nilsson served as the editor-in-chief of Arbetet who assumed the post in 1961. From 1980 to 1990 Lars Engqvist was the editor-in-chief.

The paper awarded the Let Live Award (in Swedish Låt leva-priset). In 1981 the recipient of the award was Lech Walesa.

In the 1980s Arbetet enjoyed high levels of circulation and readership. In 1998 the paper had a circulation of 54,000 copies on weekdays and 58,000 copies on Sundays.

Arbetet ceased publication on 30 September 2000 soon after it went bankrupt in August 2000.


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