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Arazaire language

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Native to  Peru
ISO 639-3  None (mis)
Extinct  (date missing)
Glottolog  araz1236
Language family  Panoan Mainline Panoan Nawa Madre de Dios Arazaire

Arazaire and Arasa are a pair of closely related languages of uncertain affiliation.

These have been claimed to be either Panoan or Takanan, or Takanan with Panoan words. Campbell (2012) says they are too poorly attested to classify. However, Fleck (2013) classifies them definitely in the Madre de Dios branch of Panoan, and says that the confusion is due to a second, Takanan language that also went by the names Arazaire and Arasa; a similar naming problem has caused confusion with its close relative Yamiaka.

The name Arasairi has been used for a yet another language, better known as Toyeri.


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