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Arapahoan languages

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Geographic distribution:  United States
Glottolog:  arap1273
Linguistic classification:  Algic Algonquian Arapahoan
Subdivisions:  Arapaho Gros Ventre (Atsina) Nawathinehena

The Arapahoan languages are a subgroup of the Plains group of Algonquian languages: Nawathinehena, Arapaho, and Gros Ventre.

Nawathinehena is extinct and Arapaho and Gros Ventre are both endangered.

Besawunena, attested only from a word list collected by Kroeber, differs only slightly from Arapaho, but a few of its sound changes resemble those seen in Gros Ventre. It had speakers among the Northern Arapaho as recently as the late 1920s.

Nawathinehena, is also attested only from a word list collected by Kroeber, and was the most divergent language of the group.

Another reported Arapahoan variety is the extinct Ha'anahawunena, but there is no documentation of it.


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