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Aramean kings

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The Syro-Hittite states of the Early Iron Age were partly ruled by Aramean kings. Some of these kingdoms persisted into the 9th or 8th century BC before being absorbed into the Neo-Assyrian Empire.

Some royal names are found in the Hebrew Bible.

  • Kings of Aram Damascus:
  • Hezion
  • Tabrimmon, son of Hezion
  • Ben-Hadad I, son of Tabrimmon
  • Ben-Hadad II or Hadadezer, mentioned in the Tel Dan Stele may be identical to biblical Ben-Hadad II.
  • Hazael
  • Ben-Hadad III, son of Hazael
  • Rezin
  • Hadadezer bar Rehob, king of Zobah
  • Literature

  • Horst Klengel, Syria 3000 to 300 B.C.: A Handbook of Political History (Wiley, 1992), 206-212.
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