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Arabic Network for Human Rights Information

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The Arabic Network for Human Rights Information (ANHRI) is a non-governmental organization devoted to promoting freedom of expression across the Middle East and North Africa. Based in Cairo, Egypt, the organization was founded by prominent Egyptian attorney and human rights activist Gamal Eid, who is currently the ANHRI's executive director. It collects publications, campaigns, reports, and statements from almost 140 Arabic human rights organizations across the region and republishes them in a daily digest on its website. The group focuses on supporting free expression, especially via the internet and mass media, and works on behalf of persons detained for expressing their personal views. It also advocates against censorship in Arab governments.

Its mission is described as follows:

Today, there are countless millions of internet users in the Middle East, but it remains difficult for users to find information about human rights. ANHRI provides a central site where Arabic readers can easily find links to and information about all human rights groups and their work in the region. The Network also focuses on and seeks the expansion of freedom of expression on the internet in the Middle East.

Above all, there are critical areas that are not only taboo intellectually in the Islamic world and culture, but for which there are also no groups in the region today to even work on, such as, the death penalty, and rights of Christian minorities. Our objective is to create a space where these issues and other vital information about human rights can be discussed freely, and where people who share an interest in these areas can create a community.

The Arabic Network for Human Rights Information is a member of the International Freedom of Expression Exchange.

In February, 2008, the network opened Katib Blogs, which makes it possible for those in the Arab world to obtain an Arabic blog that is uncensured to allow for the expression of ideas suppressed by some Arabic governments.

In March, 2008, a legal service website, Qadaya, was launched to provide a resource for journalists, researchers, and activists. The website provides information on court verdicts, important judicial cases, constitutions from various nations, and legal acts pertinent to the Arab world.

In April, 2008, a website devoted to providing accurate information on Darfur for Arab journalists and decision-makers was launched, called Ifhamdarfur. The website provides a twice-weekly newsletter and gathers Arab news reports about the Darfur crisis.

Currently, its website and reports are blocked in Saudi Arabia; it has been blocked since 2003.

In November, 2011, ANHRI was awarded with the 2011 Human Dignity Award of the German Roland Berger Foundation.


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