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Arab Uruguayans

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Arab Uruguayans (Arabic: عرب أوروغواي‎‎), are Uruguayan of Arab ethnic, citizens or residents whose ancestry traces back to any of various waves of immigrants, originating mainly from what is now Lebanon (of which there may be over 50,000 descendants). There are also there are individuals from the twenty-two countries which comprise the Arab world such as Egypt, Syria, Morocco and Palestine.

Most Uruguayans of Arabic descent are Christians, with some Muslim minorities. There was also a small influx of Arab Jews, who have since lost their Arab cultural identity.

Arab Uruguayans are among the smallest Arab diaspora groups in the world. There are some 500 Arab-speaking people in the border towns of Chuy and Rivera.

Notable Arab Uruguayans

  • Alberto Abdala, Vice President of Uruguay 1967-1972, of Lebanese descent
  • Alejandro Apud, footballer
  • Cacho de la Cruz, entertainer, of Moroccan descent
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