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Arab National Party (historical)

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Leader  Zaki al-Arsuzi
Dissolved  1939
Founded  1939
Succeeded by  Arab Ba'ath Party
Preceded by  League of Nationalist Action
Ideology  Arab nationalism, Pan-Arabism

The Arab National Party (Arabic: الحزب القومي العربي‎‎ Al-Hizb Al-Qawmi Al-'Arabi; French: Parti National Arabe) was an Arab nationalist party in Syria in 1939, founded by Zaki al-Arsuzi. Al-Arsuzi had been associated with Arab nationalist politics during the interwar period. He had been associated with the League of Nationalist Action, a political party strongly influenced by fascism and Nazism with its paramilitary "Ironshirts", that existed in Syria from 1932 to 1940. Al-Arsuzi left the National Action League in 1939 after its popular leader died and the party had fallen into disarray, he founded the Arab National Party in 1939 and dissolved later that year.


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