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Arab Israeli Wars (game)

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Arab-Israeli Wars is a tactical level wargame published in the US in 1977 by Avalon Hill. It simulates at a tactical level various battles in the Suez Crisis, Six Day War and Yom Kippur War. It is designed to be played by two players; game length depends on the scenario, ranging from two to four hours.

Arab-Israeli Wars was adapted by Russell Vane and Seth Carus from the highly successful Panzer Leader and PanzerBlitz games, tactical simulations of tank warfare on the Western and Eastern fronts in World War II. As with Panzer Leader, four linkable geomorphic maps are included, in this case including a "Canal" map for scenarios fought along the Suez Canal. There was even a scenario named "Some time in the future" which anticipated the 1982 Lebanon war.

Generally, players take turns moving and firing their units. Each unit has numbers showing its attack strength, defense strength, movement allowance and target type.

While the systems are similar, Arab-Israeli Wars accommodates the faster tanks, guided missiles, and modern aircraft which characterized the latter 20th century battleground.


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