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Ara Ekiti

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Ara-Ekiti is in the Kingdom of Ijero Ekiti, one of the primary descendants of Oduduwa. The latter itself is the progenitor of the Yoruba people from Ile Ife, located now in Osun State, Nigeria. Ara-Ekiti is about five miles east of Ijero and six miles south of Awo-Ekiti. Ara-Ekiti is governed by a king respectfully classified by Ekiti Council of Obas.

Ara-Ekiti is an agrarian town composed of peasant farmers and traders. The predominant language is Yoruba language in Ekiti dialect, and the people share similar cultures with the neighboring towns of Ijero, Epe, Awo, and Araromi. The Ara-Ekiti people are mostly Christian, Muslim, and a few practicing Traditional African religion.

Ara-Ekiti is the only town in the Ijero Local Government territory with a vast deposit of clay that can be used for many valuable technological products. Agricultural output includes cocoa, coffee, kola nut, cassava, yam, and plantain. There are two major rivers that constitute the natural securities of the community namely Abija river and Obiba river. The first is seen when entering from Ijero and the other is seen when leaving the town the route that leads to Aramoko. In the earlier age the Ajero (the crowned king of Ijero) is usually picked from Ara Ekiti. It is also known that a miraculous cock came to form the place that is why it is called Ara, meaning "miraculous". The people of Ara are quite friendly and are fully involved in the traditional values their ancestors left for them.

Many artifacts that are quite alive in potency of power are still there.

There are precious stones and many indications that gold and other stones of value can not be found wanting in the said place.

Their delicacy is usually pounded yam with worowo leave soup and bush meats since the place is surrounded by thick forests.

There festivals include the "new yam" that is always done in August.

Ara is a tourist centre on its own so many to be seen and experience as a visitor. Including sky scraping mountains, hills, rocks and valleys. To mention but a few.

The agriculturally endowed town is surrounded by many commercialised towns which demand comfortable transportation access to further buttress the production capacity of the people of Ara. King is picked from any of the families Agogoide, Famodimu, Ogidan.


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