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April 3 (Eastern Orthodox liturgics)

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Apr. 2 - Eastern Orthodox Church calendar - Apr. 4


All fixed commemorations below are observed on April 16 by Orthodox Churches on the Old Calendar.

For April 3rd, Orthodox Churches on the Old Calendar commemorate the Saints listed on March 21.


  • Martyrs Dius, Bithonius, and Galycus (3rd century)
  • Martyr Elpidephorus (3rd century)
  • Martyrs Cassius, Philip, and Eutychius, of Thessalonica (304)
  • Martyr Ulphianus of Tyre (306)
  • Virgin-martyr Theodosia of Tyre (308) (see also: April 2)
  • Martyrs Evagrius, Benignus, Chrestus, Arestus, Kinnudius, Rufus, Patricius, and Zosima, at Tomis in Moesia (ca. 310)
  • Venerable Illyrius, monk of Mount Myrsinon in the Peloponnese.
  • Venerable Nicetas of Medikion (Nicetas the Confessor), Abbot of Medikion (824)
  • Venerable Joseph the Hymnographer, of Sicily (883) (see also: April 4)
  • Pre-Schism Western Saints

  • Saint Pancras of Taormina (Pancratius), born in Antioch, consecrated by the Apostle Peter and sent to Taormina in Sicily where he was stoned to death (ca. 40)
  • Saint Sixtus I (Xystus), Pope of Rome from 117 to c 125, sometimes referred to as a martyr (ca. 125)
  • Saint Fara (Burgundofara) of Eboriac (now Faremoutiers) (657)
  • Saint Attala (Attalus), a monk and abbot of a monastery in Taormina in Sicily (ca. 800)
  • Post-Schism Orthodox Saints

  • Saint Nectarius, founder of Bezhetsk Monastery (Tver) (1492)
  • New martyr Paul the Russian at Constantinople (1683) (see also: April 6)
  • Other Commemorations

  • Synaxis of the Icon of the Most Holy Theotokos "The Unfading Rose" ("The Unfading Blossom, The Flower of Incorruption").
  • Repose of Elder Amphilochios (Makris) of Patmos (1970)
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