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Antler (cocktail)

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Antler (cocktail)

The Antler is a cocktail, generally served in a shot glass, made up of two parts Fireball to one part Sour Apple Pucker. It is the unofficial shot of the NBA's Milwaukee Bucks, created by fans to consume both pregame as good luck and post-game in celebration of victory. The Sour Apple Pucker tints the drink green, which is the primary color of the Bucks. It originated at Bar None on Water Street in Milwaukee, though its popularity is growing among more bars in the Milwaukee area.



Besides asking the bartender for your desired number of Antlers, you are also able to order the shots nonverbally. Once you have the attention of the bartender, possibly by making deer noises from across the bar, simply bring your hands to your head, and denote the number of shots you want by holding up the same number of fingers as if your fingers were deer antlers. For example, if you wanted six shots, as in the accompanying picture, you could hold up three fingers with each hand.

Largest Antler Order

The current record for largest order is a 14 pointer, ordered on the night of the Bucks' season opener of their 2016-2017 season.


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