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Antiochus VI Dionysus

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Name  Antiochus Dionysus

Assassinated  138 BC
Antiochus VI Dionysus
Reign  Seleucid kingdom: 148–142/1 BC
Parents  Alexander Balas, Cleopatra Thea
Grandparents  Antiochus IV Epiphanes, Cleopatra II of Egypt, Ptolemy VI Philometor
Great-grandparents  Antiochus III the Great, Cleopatra I Syra, Ptolemy V Epiphanes, Laodice III
Similar People  Cleopatra Thea, Antiochus IV Epiphanes, Ptolemy VI Philometor, Ptolemy VIII Physcon

Antiochus VI Dionysus (c. 148–142/1 BC), king of the Hellenistic Seleucid kingdom, was the son of Alexander Balas and Cleopatra Thea, daughter of Ptolemy VI of Egypt.


Antiochus VI did not actually rule. Either already in 145 or in early 144 BC he was nominated by the general Diodotus Tryphon as heir to the throne in opposition to Demetrius II, and remained the general's tool. In c. 142/141 BC, the young king died. While some ancient authors make Diodotus Tryphon responsible for the death of the king, others write that he died during a surgery.


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