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Kingdom  Plantae
Family  Polygonaceae
Scientific name  Antigonon
Rank  Genus
Order  Caryophyllales
Subfamily  Eriogonoideae
Higher classification  Polygonaceae
Antigonon Factsheet Antigonon leptopus Coral Creeper
Similar  Antigonon leptopus, Polygonaceae, Coccoloba, Thunbergia, Allamanda

plant a pink coral vine tallahassee vine antigonon leptopus

Antigonon is a genus of flowering plants in the buckwheat family, Polygonaceae. It contains three species native to the Americas.


Antigonon Factsheet Antigonon leptopus Coral Creeper

They are vines producing branching stems with tendrils from a tuberous root system. The leaves are alternately arranged. Flowers are borne in raceme-like clusters, often toward the ends of the stems. The bell-shaped flowers have five tepals usually in shades of pink or purplish, and sometimes yellowish or white. The stamens are joined at the bases, forming a tube.

Antigonon Antigonon leptopus Mexican Coral Vine Coral Creeper Honolulu

Species include:

  • Antigonon flavescens S.Watson – lovechain
  • Antigonon guatimalense Meisn.
  • Antigonon leptopus Hook. & Arn. – confederate vine, Mexican coral vine, Mexican creeper, queen's wreath, queen's jewels, chain-of-love, mountain rose coralvine

  • Antigonon Brides Tears antigonon leptopus very common Jamaican herb Crazy

    plant a coral vine antigonon leptopus pink flowers 2017

    Antigonon Mexican coral vine 75414 common name Antigonon leptopus
    Antigonon httpsuploadwikimediaorgwikipediacommonsthu


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