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Anthony (comics)

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Alter ego  Anthony
Publisher  Raj Comics
Team affiliations  P.O.E.M.
Spouse  Julia Gonsalvez
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Abilities  teleportation limited to eyesight,hellfire,superhuman speed,agility,limited immortality
Affiliation  Protectors of Earth and Mankind (P.O.E.M)
Aliases  Zinda murda, Anthony Gonsalves, The dead
Powers  Agility, Immortal, Healing, Animal control, Phasing/Ghost
Foes  Bhairav Nath, Bhanja, Prof. Jaandaal
Similar  Shakti, Bheriya, Inspector Steel, Parmanu, Gojo

Anthony is an Raj comics character, . The character and the plot is copied from The Crow created by James O'Barr.



Anthony was a great singer and his album "Crow Sangeet" (Crow Music) became very popular all over the world. He was murdered by jealousy and later resurrected by nature itself. Now he is undead and as long as his soul is out of his body, his corpse lies motionless. Though several times his corpse was possessed by numerous enemies including Count Dracula.

Plot Summary

The late Anthony Gonsalvez, a young music enthusiast, composed an original album entitled "Crow Music." This album became very popular, much to the dismay of his competitors. He was tortured to death by his rivals. He is fondly remembered by his wife Julia and daughter Maria and his pet crow Prince still sits on his tombstone to mourn his death.

Whenever innocent people are subjected to injustice, Prince cries out, loud and shrill, in the graveyard. The air trembles, the clouds thunder, lightning flashes, and the dead man Anthony rises out of his grave to render the justice.

Powers and Abilities

Though he cannot be hurt in any possible humane way; but after his death he became hydrophobic and on his 2nd resurrection this limit of his was also removed. Anthony regenerates each time after he kills his enemy until then his corpse remains mutilated. He has superhuman strength as of Shakti, Nagraj and other superhumans of Raj Comics Universe.

Family, Friends, and Allies

  • Julie (Wife)
  • Maria (Daughter)
  • Prince Crow
  • Inspector/DCP Itihaas
  • Venu AKA Saza
  • John (Maria's Husband)
  • Enemies

  • Bhanja
  • Bhairav Nath
  • Prof. Jaandaal
  • Titles

    d Raj Comics has published a huge number of titles centered on Anthony. A list can be viewed at

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  • Discussion forum

    Raj Comics hosts a discussion forum, with a section specially devoted to Anthony.

  • Forum by Raj Comics
  • References

    Anthony (comics) Wikipedia

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