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Antennaria umbrinella

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Kingdom  Plantae
Genus  Antennaria
Higher classification  Antennaria
Order  Asterales
Scientific name  Antennaria umbrinella
Rank  Species
Antennaria umbrinella Brownbract Pussytoes Brown Everlasting Brownish Everlasting Dark
Similar  Antennaria, Antennaria corymbosa, Antennaria anaphaloides, Antennaria racemosa, Daisy family

Antennaria umbrinella is a North American species of flowering plants in the daisy family known by the common names umber pussytoes and brown pussytoes. It is native to southwestern Canada (Saskatchewan, Alberta, British Columbia) and the western United States as far south as Colorado, Coconino County in Arizona, and Tulare County in California). It grows in a variety of habitats at a variety of elevations, from lowland sagebrush steppe to subalpine meadows.

Antennaria umbrinella Dark Pussytoes Brownish Everlasting Antennaria umbrinella

Antennaria umbrinella is a perennial herb growing erect stems to a maximum height around 16 centimeters from a woody base with spreading stolons. The base is covered in woolly leaves each one to two centimeters long and lance-shaped to spoon-shaped. Each inflorescence holds several flower heads with fuzzy phyllaries which are whitish to brown in color. The plant is dioecious, with males and females producing different flower types in the heads. The fruit is an achene with a hard body 2 millimeters long and a long pappus of hairs up to 5 millimeters long.

Antennaria umbrinella Antennaria umbrinella Umber Pussytoes Wildflowers of the Pacific
Antennaria umbrinella Brownbracted Pussytoes Cat39s Paw Dark Pussytoes Umber Pussytoes
Antennaria umbrinella httpswwwpnwflowerscomimagesplants0417510jpg


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