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Antarctic starry skate

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Kingdom  Animalia
Order  Rajiformes
Genus  Amblyraja
Higher classification  Amblyraja
Phylum  Chordata
Family  Rajidae
Scientific name  Amblyraja georgiana
Rank  Species
Antarctic starry skate wwwfishbaseusimagesthumbnailsjpgtnAmgeou1jpg
Similar  Skate, Amblyraja, Batoids, Elasmobranchii, Arctic skate

The Antarctic starry skate (Amblyraja georgiana) is a species of fish in the Rajidae family. It lives near the seabed in depths ranging from 20 to 350 metres in the Southeast Pacific near Chile and occasionally around Greenland and around the Barents Sea. Its maximum size is 1 metre. It produces oblong egg capsules which have four sharp thorns in each corner and which measure 116.5 mm long and 80.0 mm wide


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