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Ansonia (genus)

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Kingdom  Animalia
Scientific name  Ansonia
Higher classification  True toad
Order  Frog
Family  Bufonidae
Phylum  Chordata
Rank  Genus
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Lower classifications  Ansonia latidisca, Ansonia endauensis, Ansonia malayana, Ansonia penangensis, Ansonia hanitschi

Ansonia is a genus of true toads found in south India, northern Thailand, Malay Peninsula, Tioman Island, Borneo, and Mindanao (Philippines). These small forest species spawn in streams and have torrent-adapted tadpoles. Common name stream toads has been coined for the genus, although individual species are also being referred to as slender toads.


There are currently 29 species in this genus:


Ansonia (genus) Wikipedia

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