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Ansim Station

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Hangul  안심역
Revised Romanization  Ansimnyeok
Operated by  DTRO
Phone  +82 53-963-7769
Tracks  2
Hanja  安心驛
McCune–Reischauer  Ansimnyŏk
Opened  2 May 1998
Platforms in use  1
Ansim Station
Location  536-1 Goejeon-dong Jiha455, Ansim-ro, Dong District, Daegu South Korea
Address  Goejeon-dong, Daegu, South Korea
Similar  Banyawol Station, Daegok Station, Singi Station, Yonggye Station, Dongchon Station

Ansim Station is the terminal train station of Daegu Metro Line 1 at Dong-gu in Daegu, South Korea. The name of the station comes from King Taejo of Goryeo, who was victorious in battles with Later Baekje, and felt relieved when he went to the location "Ansim". The literal translation of "Ansim" is "relieved" and "peace of mind".


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